It's not just the Destination. It's also how you get there.

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About Me

Car Photographs


I have had a passion for cars since I was in my teens. My unique experiences and love for cars has inspired me to photograph and share not only my cars but also the events that I have participated in. I have owned and photographed rare and vintage cars and this website is my way of sharing these experiences. More to come as time permits.

Miscellaneous Photography


Yes I love cars, but I also love Photography. I tend to pick up the camera to refine and tune the skills. Phones have made cameras convenient but there is still a lot that is unique to DSLR's. While you don't carry them with you everywhere you go like your phone, when I have one in hard it allows me to focus and channel the creative brain.

Home Base


I was raised and live in South Florida. I have also been lucky enough that my job has allowed me to travel the world. Every place has its pro's and con's but South Florida is the place that I choose to be home.

Delivery of my Callaway C16

Delivery of my Callaway C16


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